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Background Information
Kismayo University was established in August 2005. The University is situated in the Southern City of Kismayo, Jubbaland in the Republic of Somalia, and 500 Km South of Mogadishu along the Kismayo-Mogadishu Road. The creation of Kismayo University (KU) was conceived by a group of former teachers and university lecturers who remained in the country despite the civil strife in Somalia where all academic institutions collapsed. The foundation of KU was made possible with the realization and direct assistance from a local charitable organization called Towfiq Welfare Society (TWS). The University is a private educational institution which is non-profit institution, playing a distinct academic role in helping to build a peaceful, equitable and dynamic nation.
The University has currently two campuses both situated in Kismayo city, one in the city centre and the other in the outskirts of the city. The headquarters of the Kismayo University which contains new structures and shall be the main campus is situated at 3 km away from Kismayo City, along the shores of the Indian Ocean. The University has land area of approximately 135,000m2 at its new campus and another 100,000m2 hosting the old campus. The construction of the new campus of the University was realized with the assistance from the Islamic Development Bank in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the University has acquired a third piece of land measuring 240,000m2 in Kismayo town.
Kismayo University is one of the largest and most respected institutions of higher learning in Southern Somalia in the Republic of Somalia with more than 600 students enrolled by the academic year 2011/2012. Kismayo University provides an ideal academic environment for the University community. The University is one of the few institutions in Somalia that are widely recognized as leaders in research, training and public service. The University has established strong linkages with other institutions of higher learning both within the Somali Republic as well as outside the country. KU has also established good working relations with Kenya‟s Commission for Higher Education (CHE). Traditionally, KU prides itself of thinking locally and acting globally. It is the only institute of its kind in the Southern Somalia.

The University is also recognized by the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia, an internationally recognized Government for Somalia through the Ordinance of Ministry of Education and Culture in 2008 as a Private university offering higher education and recognized nationally and internationally.
In addition to the academic work, the university is also involved in cultural and social activities aimed at serving the society. The university also participates in charity, peaceful co-existence and activities organized by civil society organizations. Hence the Kismayo University is considered to be a pioneer of social services in the entire Southern Somalia.

The Philosophy of Kismayo University
The philosophy of the Kismayo University is to advance and cultivate lifetime learning in search of knowledge in an environment of support, guidance, free-inquiry and expression. The university community is dedicated and devoted to assisting students to develop skills in problem solving and critical thinking in response to present and emerging challenges facing the State of Somalia in particular and the world in general.
The University is committed to the promotion of peaceful co-existence among people from different parts of the world. The University is dedicated to become a centre of excellence in all spheres of learning and leadership that shall stimulate academic interest among its community and beyond.

The vision of the Kismayo University is to become a leading centre of higher learning in Africa by providing a knowledge base for intellectual development, skills and values. KU is dedicated to the promotion of quality higher education through scientific research and thereby producing world class professionals that will provide services and leadership to the Somali Community and remaining world in general. The institution is to equip the present and future Somali professionals with qualified and modern managerial, administrative and educational skills in the selected areas and disciplines. This is done through training middle and senior level managers for both public and private sector enterprises.

The mission of the KU is to develop an effective, efficient, accessible and sustainable education system leading to the production of professional competent leaders of high integrity and moral uprightness. To advance this mission, Kismayo University envisions to:

  • Produce dedicated leaders for the establishment of the Republic of Somalia
  • Create an environment for learning and professional development through research and scholarship in the areas closely linked to the developmental needs of the Nation in particular and the world in general.
  • Develop a broad-based educational system designed to build knowledge-based competencies complemented by specialized courses of study in an environment which fosters academic honesty, integrity, fairness, social and civic responsibilities.

Core Values
In achieving its mission, Kismayo University is committed to upholding the core values of human respect, justice, diversity, dignity, excellence; quality, relevance, co-existence; honesty and equity.

Objectives of Kismayo University
The objectives of Kismayo University are:

  • To provide opportunities for higher education in various fields of study which are relevant to the needs of the Somali Nation
  • To promote among, and instill in, the students and faculty members the conduct of empirical research studies and publications on topical issues relevant to the needs of the country and beyond.
  • To advocate for and participate in Community services through provision of continuing education, research, provision of specialized consultation or reference services aimed at improving the living standard of the Somali Community
  • To provide opportunity for lifelong learning that will produce high quality graduates with the required theoretical and practical skills; values and attitudes essential for good work ethics and service to the Somali community.
  • To offer an environment that will enhance personal growth and responsible citizenship and maintenance of good neighborliness within the Somali community and the world in general.